Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Goodwill/Garage Sale/Dollar Store Finds

So, lately I have been collecting items to use in my living room. We turned it into a haven instead of a crazy kids area with toys ALL over the place. This is what I have been able to get amid the shopping at Goodwill, Garage Sales, the Dollar Store and one thing from Target.
Everything you see was cheap.

Let's break it down.

At Goodwill I was able to find the rooster clock for $4 (that will be a decoupaged project coming up when I find the right paper), the two brown frames at $1.99 each (8x10 and the hinged 5x7's), the tall square glass vase at $.99, the red bowl at $1.99, the red plate $1.99, and the red basket at $.49.

At the Dollar store I have the three pictures in one frame and three little frames. All $1 each.

At the Garage Sales I got the basket on the bottom for $.50 and my husband found the table for $15. Woo hoo!!!

Last but not least I found the gold tray at Target for 75% off at $3.50.

Total=$36.50 (about)
Not bad huh? My colors for the living room are black, red, and gold. The side colors are brown and beige. (furniture pieces) Now I have to figure out how to decorate so that it doesn't look like there is too much. I do have bookcases on the other wall that I will be putting items on too. I want to get a table runner too.

Also, what should I put in the basket that an 18 month old won't get into all the time?
This beauty is also a garage sale find and I got it for $5. I seriously have the best garage sales around. I just love what I can find.
This last thing is FREE! That's right. My husband got it through freecycle which is a yahoo group. Check it out. It's basically people trying to get rid of or get things for free. Not a bad little deal. See if it is in your area.
This is the reason it was free. I am not sure what to do about it. Any suggestions? I thought about making a little fabric sock for it but I think that would look ridiculous. Should I sand it down and repaint it? Or should I sand it down and do something totally different?



Susanne said...

As far as I know... there is absolutely NOTHING you can put in that basket that an 18month old won't get into. ;-) But if you can stand pulling him out of it every hour for about a week, he might eventually be bored of it and leave it alone!

Karen said...

Maybe you can put your cutest kids toys or books in it, then it doesn't matter if he gets into it. Or you can fill it with decorative objects that match your room that double as toys.

I think you should sand down the rocking chair toes and paint it a darker coordinating color with whatever room you're putting it in.

Fantastic finds! I love freecycle.

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