Sunday, October 18, 2009

Decoupaged Tin Tutorial

So, in our downstairs bathroom there is no place to put extra "anything." Meaning toilet paper, soap, towels, and feminine stuff. I had to come up with something to cover up one of those things. That was the feminine hygiene products. Here is what my tin looked like after I was done.
Here are the supplies I used. The only other thing I used was a straight paper cutter.
Since the paper I was using wasn't big enough to go all the way around the tin I had to use a different paper for the back.

1. You start out by cutting the paper down to the size of the tin.
2. Then you cover one side with decoupage glue.
3. Carefully position your paper onto the tin and smooth down. (The first paper I used went around the edges a little bit so I had to smooth it and hold it down for a second so it wouldn't pop back up.) Do that for all sides. Make sure you are smoothing down a lot because there will be air pockets.
4. When the glue is dry, apply a thin coating on top of the paper. When decoupaging the lid I just did the very top because it was bowed and I couldn't figure out how to do the sides. When that is dry do one more coat of glue.
5. There is a spray that you can spray on the outside to seal the glue in but I normally don't use it. Just because I'm lazy.
Here is what it looks like done.
The lid. I chose paper that would match the tin so that I didn't have to paint the little parts of the tin still showing. For some reason I had to pick the one tin that was hard to figure out. I worked it though.
After! So much better to look at.
Happy Crafting!



ha ha!!! I love it. I love that you made a cover for tampons! Way cute paper that you picked out :) super cute

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love decoupage! I made lampshades with romatic magazine articles. They turned out great! Your craft here looks like it is a fun craft for just about anyone! Thanks for sharing!

Kathryn Lowry said...

I saw this in person and it looks professional. I love it!

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