Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Rules Canvas

So, I have come across a bunch blogs that have done this Family Rules Canvas. I just think it's awesome. I believe this is the first one. The Pleated Poppy has a tutorial on how to do it. I believe this is the one that started it all. Such a great idea.
Tatertots and Jello has this cute one over here!

She also did another one on this post.
Here is a tutorial from Moore Minutes.
You are not going to believe how she made this Feather Wreath. Go to the bottom of her post to see how she did it.
Here is what MX Momma came up with. She did it different and used a cardboard wrapped canvas and then framed it. Way cute.This one was done with some MDF over at Impress Your Kids.

Here is a smaller version over at We Are THAT Family.
The "Mind your own beeswax " rule cracked me up. This one came from Owlhaven. It was made for one person. I'm betting a girl. I like that she did one just for her daughter (I'm guessing since it's only just the picture.)



lindsey said...

wow! so fun to see so many of them all together! now it's your turn!

Hair Clip said...

Nice to see a family rules in that very creative way! Thanks for sharing that lovable idea! :D

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