Monday, September 14, 2009

Book Thong Tutorial

The title sure catches your eye doesn't it? Well that's what I have always known them to be.
I use my book thong all the time. If you don't know what it is check out the pictures. It is a piece of string with beads (or whatever fits on the string) on each end. It is used as a bookmark.

I decided to do a mini tutorial for those who might want to know how to make it.
1. Gather your materials. All you need are the beads you are using, string (whatever length you want), 4 crimping beads, scissors, and a crimping tool. Make sure you have big enough holes in the beads and crimping beads for the string.
2. Put a crimping bead on the end of the string and crimp it. That way when you are putting beads on they don't fall off.
3. Add the beads on in the order that you want. I usually do a bigger bead and a bunch of little beads on one side and then a bunch of smaller ones on the other.
4. Add a two crimping beads. I wait to crimp those until I have done the other side.
5. Add the rest of the beads to the other side. Put the last crimping bead on the end and crimp it. Now crimp the two beads on the inside.
6. You are done.
I sometimes go a little bigger on the string because there might be larger books that people look at.
Here are the other thongs I did today. By-the-way, I am putting these on my Etsy site today. They will only be $2.50 for anyone who doesn't have the time (or doesn't want) to make these.
Here is the one that I use. It is a little battered. I got this from someone and I use it all the time. Now, it can be used for more than just a bookmark. It can be used to keep your hand busy while reading too! I am always twirling it around my finger while I am reading. Other times it is a toy for my boy to play with. He sees me twirling it and wants it. It gets abandoned pretty quickly though.
Happy Crafting!


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