Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cheater Flower Necklace

So I have noticed that there are these cute chain and pearl necklaces out there that have a flower attached at the side. They are so dang cute but I am not going to spend that much for them. I'll just use what I have.

I just got this necklace from my MIL and I love it. Well, it's the perfect necklace for a flower.
Here is the flower. I raided my daughter's hair clip stash and found this one. What do you do with it?
Yeah, that's right! Clip it on to the necklace and voila, you have a cute necklace with a flower that you can take off after you wear it.
I wore this to church one Sunday and got many compliments on it. What's nice about the clip, too, is that it makes it so that the flower stays forward. Meaning, it's really hard for that flower to flip around.
I just had to show you my other necklace that I got from Santa. I love it. I sometimes put the flower on this one too.



Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

I love that you do this - they look great!

Becca @ Blue Cricket Design said...

perfect way to soften it up!

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