Friday, October 16, 2009

Glittered Pumpkin Mini Tutorial

So, I don't have all the right pictures for a full tutorial but this was pretty easy but time consuming.

acrylic paint
decoupage glue
sponge brush

So, I put down a big piece of paper so that C wouldn't get paint on the table. Then I let her go to town on painting her pumpkin. This was the color she chose. Nice and bright pink.
As you can see there are a bunch of pictures I didn't take in between the two stages. Basically you paint the pumpkin until you get the desired look. We had to do it in stages. We painted the sides and top two times. Drying in between. Then we painted the bottom two times.

After the paint is dry you can apply the decoupage glue (or whatever glue you choose) to the pumpkin. I made it slightly thick so that the glitter would stick really good. Here is the pumpkin half done.
Here is my daughter so happy that she got to do her pumpkin.
All done! Doesn't it look like a princess pumpkin? Just let the glue dry before placing it as a decoration.
Warning: Pieces of glitter will come off so be careful. Also, I'm not sure how the pumpkin will fare with paint all over it since it's a real pumpkin. I'll let you know how it fares.
Update: The pumpkin did pretty good but I would suggest using a fake one. Then you could use it again the next year;-)


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