Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Baby Boy Quilts

Here are the latest of QD designs. We had two girl quilts on so we needed two boy ones. This one is a flame blanket which I love to death. It has the red dinosaur edges and is tied with yellow yarn.

Here is the other boy blanket. I don't know why I all of a sudden have this underlining what I write. Anyways, the blanket was fun to think of. Every boy likes racing cars. It's even cooler because there are checkered flag dinosaur edges.

To buy any items from this blog go to our shop. If you don't see what you want, let us know and we'll see what we can do. There is so much we can do.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hair Turbans and Quilts

These are the items my mom has made for our Etsy store. They are great items. The first is a hair turban. It's great after getting out of the shower. It's not bulky and it won't fall off.

These quilts are so wonderful. They are so bright and vivid. The baby is sure to enjoy staring at these.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Items Made

I have been putting all of the burp cloths on Etsy.com to sell them. They all turned out so cute. I know that whoever gets them will love them.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


So, here are a bunch of cards that I have made in the past year. They are so much fun to make. The one I will most likely put on Etsy is the Chrismas (square) one. It holds a cd/dvd. I will make different variations like Christmas, Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary.....
As you can see there are a couple other items that are not cards. The bows and bracelet (bottom right corner) were there for a display at a show. I also made the french board. It goes in my daughter's room.


Here are the other things I made for my sister. I made a bunch of onesies with iron ons. The white ones have two cute animal iron ons and the one you can see came from the same fabric as all the rest of the gifts. I cut out one skull and cross bones and put it on a onesie. I also make a iron on shirt for Briseis. It says, "I am the BIG sister." I did the same shirt for my daughter. So cute.
As you can see I went a little crazy and even did a card with the same material. It was fun trying to come up with ideas to use the fabric.


Sorry for the funny picture of my sister. This is the finished product. We love mom's quilts. They are fantastic. Look for them on Etsy.

This is one of my mom's famous quilts. I think everyone who has ever had a baby got one of these. They are so bright which is good for the baby's eyes. They hold the baby's attention.

This one is for my sister. They like motorcycles so this was fitting for their baby.

Nursing Cover

Here are some of the latest things I have made. This is a nursing cover I made for a friend. It turned out really good. It is light so that her or the baby are not burning up during these hot months.
Here is a Piglet bow. It is so cute. Great for that little girl who loves Winnie the Pooh.
Some burp rags. The material is so cute. I want to make everything out of them.
Funny enough, this is called a book thong. Hey, I like them.
Told you I could make everything from this fabric. I am going to make a nursing cover out of it too. Way too cute.

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