Thursday, May 28, 2009

Clothespin Magnet Tutorial

I decided that I had enough people wanting to know how to make the things that I make. So here is the first of many tutorials I am going to do. This first one is how to decorate and make a clothespin magnet. Sorry the pictures aren't that great.

The first thing you do is cut out the paper you want to use. I tried cutting it a little bit bigger than the clothespin and then cutting off the rest, but it was getting all mucked up. It wouldn't cut straight and the paper looked frayed on the edges. Not the good kind of fray either. So just cut it the same size. It looks like it would be hard to get the correct size but it wasn't too hard. I used my paper cutter.
Next use Mod Podge to cover one side of the clothespin.

Next, put the paper on top the the glued side and press firmly.
When the glue is dry (I don't wait for it to dry) put a coat of Mod Podge over the paper. You can do a couple coats to make sure it is sealed. I did two.
When it is dry, attach the magnet to the back. I was glueing them to the middle of the pin. The picture shows it a bit lower. I just put it where the spring was. I glued it on with hot glue. You can use other types of glue too. I just had the hot glue around at the time.
You are done. Pretty easy right? They turn out so cute. They are fast and a nice little present for a girlfriend or a wedding or shower present.
Happy Crafting!!!

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Your kiddos are so cute. So are the clothespins... another cute idea :)

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