Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Boy Pants

Can I just say how much I am in love with these pants? A freakin' lot. There aren't a lot of things out there that I almost squeal when I first look at and this is one of them.

For some reason I have been in the stone ages and haven't seen this blog all about boys. I will be visiting often for sure. Anywho, I have a little boy that is two and would be stinkin' adorable in these pants.

I will now stop talking and send you over to see how she makes these pants with a liner for those cold days. Check out the tutorial and then browse a bit at Made.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Digital Kit

So, I have been working on some clipart that I drew for Valentine's Day. My daughter saw me working on them and wanted to draw some too. Sure why not? Then I had an awesome idea to turn her drawings in to the clipart and make her Valentine cards from them.

So, here is the kit I made and it is on sale in my Etsy Store. All proceeds will go to her. There are 10 cliparts (the words are all separate except the Bee mine) and three 12x12 papers.
Here is my daughter's Valentine. We had a fun little photo shoot too!


Year Round Wreath by That's So Cuegly

So, I have been looking for an idea to do a wreath for the year and wanting to have just one with interchangeable things to go on it for each holiday. I went blog stalking to see what kind of ideas were out there and I found this. Awesome!!! It is a Year Round Wreath by That's So Cuegly. She did an awesome job and I just might have to do this. Check out the post to see how to make this wreath and also the ideas for other holidays.

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