Thursday, October 29, 2009

DVD/CD Homemade Card

A couple of years ago I decided to make a DVD of my little family for that whole year. It was the best pictures and memories. Since it was my first time I wanted to send it in a cute way as well. I found a magazine that showed you how to make a card to hold a DVD or CD. I thought that was cute enough and made about 10 of them. Just to warn you in advance. This does take awhile. You have to cut a lot of paper. Or it depends on how you decorate your card.

Here is a little tutorial on how I did it. For this tutorial I am making a wedding card.

The supplies for this card were:
Two solid 12x12 papers (one doesn't have to be 12x12)
Two pattern papers (don't have to be 12x12)
Stickers, sticker pearls, and paper flowers
Ribbon (two kinds)
paper cutter and scoring attachment
hole punch (see picture)

Here is a little diagram of how you are going to cut the 12x12 paper.
1. First you cut the paper down to 10x10 inches.
2. Score 2 1/2" in from each edge. See image a.
3. Cut all four corners off. You may have to trim so that they fold down good. See image b.
4. Fold the scored lines and then fold them into each other like you would do a box. See image c.(Here is where I scored the paper. You may have to click on the picture to get a better look.)
(With the corners cut out.)
(Folded at the scored lines.)
(Starting to fold into each other.)
(Folded like a box top.)
5. Cut out squares of paper slightly smaller than the squares of the card.
6. Do the same for the next set of papers. I used two different papers to embellish.
7. To do the ribbon I use a special paper punch that I got from Stampin Up. It's perfect for pulling ribbon through. I punch the corner of both (same) papers. Cut ribbon and heat seal it. Pull through the slots.
8. Use stickers and whatever else you have to embellish your card. I used pre-made wedding stickers, sticky pearls, and little paper flowers.
9. Glue them all on to each square of the card and you are done. (It's probably better to glue the paper onto the card before you start embellishing. Except for the ribbon. That has to be done before it's glued down.)
Finished card. Perfect for the happy couple if you are doing a picture DVD or mixed CD. Really the ideas are endless. You could even do something totally different.
Here is a Christmas one I did a couple years ago.

Happy Crafting!


Peter Pan Costume

I found this wonderful tutorial on how to make a Peter Pan costume for your little one. Since I had a little one I thought, perfect. If you would like to know how go here: Make It And Love It

Here is my version. It's almost exactly like she did it. Just a few minor changes. Thanks! We love him in his new costume.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Giveaway at Have Joy

There is a Giveaway over at Have Joy. It is for the California Caramel Company. They are giving away a caramel apple set. Check out their website to see what else they offer. Everything is mouthwatering yummy.

Hop on over to enter the giveaway. It goes until October 29th.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Decoupaged Tin Tutorial

So, in our downstairs bathroom there is no place to put extra "anything." Meaning toilet paper, soap, towels, and feminine stuff. I had to come up with something to cover up one of those things. That was the feminine hygiene products. Here is what my tin looked like after I was done.
Here are the supplies I used. The only other thing I used was a straight paper cutter.
Since the paper I was using wasn't big enough to go all the way around the tin I had to use a different paper for the back.

1. You start out by cutting the paper down to the size of the tin.
2. Then you cover one side with decoupage glue.
3. Carefully position your paper onto the tin and smooth down. (The first paper I used went around the edges a little bit so I had to smooth it and hold it down for a second so it wouldn't pop back up.) Do that for all sides. Make sure you are smoothing down a lot because there will be air pockets.
4. When the glue is dry, apply a thin coating on top of the paper. When decoupaging the lid I just did the very top because it was bowed and I couldn't figure out how to do the sides. When that is dry do one more coat of glue.
5. There is a spray that you can spray on the outside to seal the glue in but I normally don't use it. Just because I'm lazy.
Here is what it looks like done.
The lid. I chose paper that would match the tin so that I didn't have to paint the little parts of the tin still showing. For some reason I had to pick the one tin that was hard to figure out. I worked it though.
After! So much better to look at.
Happy Crafting!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Glittered Pumpkin Mini Tutorial

So, I don't have all the right pictures for a full tutorial but this was pretty easy but time consuming.

acrylic paint
decoupage glue
sponge brush

So, I put down a big piece of paper so that C wouldn't get paint on the table. Then I let her go to town on painting her pumpkin. This was the color she chose. Nice and bright pink.
As you can see there are a bunch of pictures I didn't take in between the two stages. Basically you paint the pumpkin until you get the desired look. We had to do it in stages. We painted the sides and top two times. Drying in between. Then we painted the bottom two times.

After the paint is dry you can apply the decoupage glue (or whatever glue you choose) to the pumpkin. I made it slightly thick so that the glitter would stick really good. Here is the pumpkin half done.
Here is my daughter so happy that she got to do her pumpkin.
All done! Doesn't it look like a princess pumpkin? Just let the glue dry before placing it as a decoration.
Warning: Pieces of glitter will come off so be careful. Also, I'm not sure how the pumpkin will fare with paint all over it since it's a real pumpkin. I'll let you know how it fares.
Update: The pumpkin did pretty good but I would suggest using a fake one. Then you could use it again the next year;-)

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