Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Framed Jewels Tutorial

Here is the other tutorial using only dollar store items. I made two framed jewels. My little girl's room is in pinks and purples so I was trying to figure out what I could do as far as decorations.
These are the materials that I used. Everything (except the paper) was from the dollar store. The frame, the jewels, even the hot glue.
1. Cut the paper down to fit the size of the frame. I used the stock paper that came in the frame. It makes it so much easier.
2. Put the paper in and put the glass underneath it since we don't need to use it. I put it underneath because I didn't want to lose glass. I might want to use it later if I ever want to change what is in the frame.
3. First you want to put all the jewels on the paper and space them out the way you want them so that you can tell where they need to go.
Hot glue them on to the paper. Be careful not to touch the tip of the glue gun to the back of the jewel. I did that a couple times and found that it was melting the silver part and could see the squiggle on the other side.
4. Start gluing them down. Luckily my jewels were perfect and lined right up without any funky space. You are done! That was easy.
Here is what it looks like finished.
I love that the frame came with a ribbon already attached to it for hanging. So cute.
Here are the final products on the wall.
Total for this project? About $1.20 per frame. Maybe even less.
If you want to see how to make the Framed Flowers go to my tutorial here.


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