Thursday, January 7, 2010

Martha Stewart Valentines Crafts

I went through the Martha Stewart website to see what kind of cute crafts I could do for Valentines day and found a ton of cute things. You can check out the gallery here!

Here are my favorites:

Candy and Tulip Bouquet

Crayon HeartsButton Napkin Rings (I don't know how Valentiney this is but it's cute!)
Heart-Shaped Soap There is also a video that you can watch.
Valentine Flowers
Romantic Wrapping Paper Reallly cool idea. I never thought of this before.

Heart Bookmark

Chocolate Wrapper
Sentimental Valentine's Day Wheel

Miniature Valentine's Day Gift Bags

Paper Heart Wrappings

Paper Cut HeartsThere are about 48 different craft that you can do so go check them all out. These were just the ones that I really liked.
Watch out for more posts with Valentine's Day Ideas!


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