Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Framed French Board Tutorial

As I said in the post before, this is a framed french board that I am making for my sister-in-law. I decided that it was so easy that I would do a little tutorial for you.

The supplies: (subject to what size you want)
A frame ( I found mine at a garage sale)
A foam board the size of the picture
Quilting Batting (doesn't have to be thick at all. I used a thin batting. Cut slightly smaller than the board)
Fabric (an inch or two bigger than the board)
ribbon of your choice
Glue gun
You put your fabric down wrong side face up.
You put the batting (half an inch smaller than the board) on top of the fabric.
Then you put the board on top, eyeballing the center.
Glue the corners to the back first. Make sure you pull the fabric tight.
After being glued all the way around.
Front view.
Glue the ribbon on the back of the board. I glued the ribbon to the corner first. I ended up using my sewing pins to keep the ribbon in place. Then I glued the ribbon to the back.

What the back looks like finished.
Stick the board into the frame and sew on some buttons and you are in business. I still have to get more buttons but then it's done. Two ways you can use the board. There are so many possibilitis

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