Saturday, June 6, 2009

Smock Tutorial

If you haven't noticed already, I get all my ideas from other people. I just wanted to have a nice spot where you could find all the tutorials for what I have made. This one is a smock that I made from a women's shirt. It was the perfect size for my daughter.

I don't know why I didn't make this sooner. It was super easy and I have used it a billion times since making it yesterday. My daughter has used it as a paint smock, an apron, and a "sort of" bib. It has definitely come in handy. I will be making more of these. It's a great gift idea. Personally I think every kid should have two. One for wear and the other for when the first is in the laundry.

For the tutorial click on The Idea Room



ok, she looks so cute in it! so how do you make it?!

Tierra said...

Just click on the link above the first picture. They show you how to do it. It's actually REALLY easy. At least the way I did it.

I just cut the arms and collar off and sewed the edges. Then I pleated the back part and sewed that (cause my daughter is small.) Then I attached some ribbon at the top and right below the arm hole at the bottom. Voila! Done. I use it all the time.

I might actually sell these. I have 6 shirts already. Most of them are boy shirts. I got lucky at a garage sale. Woo hoo!

Let me know if I'm not making sense. At least if you go to that link it should be a lot clearer.

michellejohnnie said...

That turned out really cute!

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