Thursday, May 28, 2009

Plush Toys Tutorial

Here is my next tutorial on how to make a plush toy. I am going to make them to go with the baby shower presents I give. They will be a present topper. I hope that made sense.

So the toy I am making came from this sticker. I used the throw away part to use as my outline.
Pin the template to the fabric and cut out. (Hindsight: I should have cut the fabric a little bit bigger so that it looked just like the template when finished. I didn't do that and it looked smaller.) I used cotton on one side and minky on the other.
Since Minky moves a lot I had to pin it a bunch of times. Believe me, it helps. It may be a pain but you don't get a lot of movement.
Sew all the way around. I used a 1/4 inch seam. Leave about 2-3 inches for the opening.
Cut slots into the part of the fabric that is curved. Be careful not to cut the stitch.

Turn it inside out.
Fill with stuffing. You can fill it with however much you want. I used a moderate amount.
Then I hand stitched it closed. Ok, in this picture I just whip stiched it. I ended up taking it out and looked up how to do the hidden stitch. Here is a link on how to do it: Hidden stitch.
Here is the finished product. This was my first attempt at making these but I have so many more ideas. I am thinking of making a cute giraffe next. It will have some ribbon attached to it for the hair side. Maybe I'll try a lion too. That would be cute.
Happy Crafting!!!



cute idea! I three different types of fabric to make my sons bumper... I had to redo parts over and over! I was miserable and learned a lesson on the 'stretchiness' of a fabric does make a huge difference when sewing it together.

Raby said...

Very interesting. Thanks for your blog. I would like to say that i love Godzilla plush Toys very much.

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