Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Craft Fair Items

Wow! I can't believe it's been two months since my last post. Lots going on. Anyways, signed up to do a craft fair (they call it a Craft Boutique) in December and I have been going crazy making things. Here are some pictures of the mess I have been making. They are a work in progress.

The diaper clutches in the back are done. They were the first I did. Then I started to make the fabric flowers but I am waiting on the button centers to come to me in the mail so they are not done yet. I have about 50 of those. I also have little man ties. Those are almost done. I just need to get some more Velcro. I used all of the Velcro on the clutches. The ties go from infant up to 5T. They are so cute. Loving the fabric I found. (I will have ties and flowers in Christmas fabric too)
I also have a few Buttercup purses (top left), some receiving blankets with matching burp cloths, lap blankets, burp cloths, and some crocheted hats. In the box is some infant and toddler bracelets.
Whoops. The picture is sideways. Here are some of the bracelets and a book thong (that's what they are called).
The hats I have been making. I am making them from infant up to child size. I have been having fun trying out new crochet stitches. Cool looking beanies for sure.

Here is a list of what I am making.
Diaper Clutch
Car Seat Tent
Infant & Toddler Bracelets
Book Thongs
Flower Hair Clips
Little Man Ties
Lap Blankets
Buttercup Purse
Burp Cloths
Crocheted Hats

I am also thinking about making some smaller items for stocking stuffers like pin cushions, the diaper scrunchy (you'll see), and whatever else I might think up.

I will have pictures of the fair (on Dec 4th) after it is over. I am also attending a friends wedding the same day. Thanks (ahead of time) to my mom who will be manning the table while I am gone. She is selling her Hair Towel Wraps (awesome) and her Crocheted Hot Pads which is one of my favorites. They are so thick and are awesome as a trivet too.
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