Monday, November 30, 2009

A Cute Hat Out Of A Sweater

So I saw two people make the most adorable hats out of a sweater and I just had to try it. I bought this teal sweater at a Thrift shop for $2.99 and started cutting.
I cut off the bottom of the sweater and two circles in the middle. One bigger than the other. I decided to make one for my DD and one for me. I also cut off the neck part of the sweater. It was perfect for the rim of my DD's hat.
So here is what it looks like finished. I got her out of bed to try it on and take some pictures because I couldn't wait to put it on here. I'm not done with it though. I want to put an embellishment on the side. Not sure what I want to use yet. I am going to make mine and see what I want to do. I think it turned out so cute.

If you want to see the other versions that were made go to That's So Cuegly for her pictures and Ruffles and Stuff with her guest blog here.

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Becky said...

Tierra! I was SO nice to meet you last night. I had a great time with all of the group and I'm excited to get to know you all better. I LOVE your blog. I added a link to you on my family blog. I'm stoked to go and find some cute sweaters to make hats for my Katie. Thanks for the great idea! I'll talk to you soon, Becky

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