Monday, November 9, 2009

Digital Cards

So, I have ventured out to the digital world this year and have loved every second. I love creating something and seeing the final product.

My first really big thing that I did was my sister's wedding announcements. This is a copy of what it looked like. I took the picture of the flower and designed the rest. Actually my sister had a picture of this kind of announcement and I just did what they wanted to look like it. We also added the green border. Their colors were pink and apple green.

(Nice side story: When my BIL proposed to my sister he sent her on a scavenger hunt and at every place she ended up there would be a Gerber Daisy and the next clue. The picture is of one of those daisies.)
This is the Bridal Shower invitation. Goes right along with the theme of her wedding. Cool huh? I think it turned out pretty cute. My sis loved it too.
These were actually done when I didn't have that much experience with Photoshop so just imagine what I can do now. I just love Photoshop and love creating.

This was done a month or so later. I knew a little bit more. My daughter wanted to have a chocolate party. I took the picture of her (Actually on the day my sister got married now that I think about it.) and added some elements. I added the flower in her hair, the butterfly wings, and the brown swirl (to represent the chocolate) at the bottom.
I will add more things when I get them done. Right now I am working on a few Christmas cards and a couple baby announcements. More later.

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