Monday, November 30, 2009

What Can You Make With Ripped PJ's?

So, I have had these PJ's for about 4 years now and they finally started to rip in the seat area so I couldn't wear them anymore. I do love the fabric though, so I decided that I wanted to use it and make it into something else.
This is what I did with the fabric. I made identical PJ bottoms for my daughter. Plus I made a ruffle top, using the buttons part of the PJ's and cut up strips of fabric, into a ruffle around it. I also made a scrunchy, PJ bottoms (that match C's with a ribbon at the bottom) for Barbie and also a made up PJ top for Barbie too. I still have leftovers and am figuring out what else to do.
I would do a tutorial but I basically just cut from scratch. The only thing I used for a pattern was her pants. I had to make sure they were big enough for her.
I had fun making these and my husband got a kick out of it too.

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