Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Homemade Lotion and Lip Balm

So, I was camping last week and my awesome Aunt Gina taught us how to make homemade lotion. It was fun to watch and learn. She also brought homemade lip balm and gave the recipe of both to us.
This is what the mixture looks like when you put it all in together.

This is the different fragrances that we got to smell and choose from. I was really close to choosing the Monkey Farts one. Yes, that is the real name of it. It was kind of tropical smelling. I ended up choosing the Sensual smell. Just to be different from what I normally gravitate towards. Which is fruity.
Here is what it looks like after cooling it down and blending it up with a submersible blender. Nice and creamy. Sorry, terrible lighting.
The hardest part was getting the lotion from the bags to the containers. We had to put the lotion in a bag and add our fragrance, squish it around to mix it all up, cut a hole in the corner of the bag, and then squeeze it into the container. Obviously Grandma cut a hole too big and got it all over. Everyone helped out though and gave a leg or arm to rub the lotion on.
These are the lip balms that Gina brought. They were already done and we only had to pay 25 cents per tube. We all grabbed a bunch of them. I love peppermint so I got a few of those. Just think of Burt's Bees and that is what it was. Gives a tingle to your lips. The way I like it.
Since I think the lip balm is easier and has less ingredients to use I will do that recipe on here. If you would like to know where to get the supplies to make the lip balm or lotion go to The Sage. They have just about everything on there. They also have a bunch of recipes to make lip balm, soap, lotion, and liquid soaps.
I have to warn you. The recipe is in grams (sorry to those of us not using the Metric System) and you will need a scale to measure. You would need one anyways. Just saying. Some other supplies I might suggest are the Lip Balm Containers, Pipetts and the lip balm filling trays.

Lip Balm with Virgin Coconut Oil
Makes 24 tubes

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil 60 grams
2. Beeswax (cleaned) 30 grams
3. Virgin Coconut Oil 21 grams
4. Shea Butter 9 grams
5. Flavor oil (is smell, not flavoring) 3.6 grams


-Measure each ingredient into a glass measuring cup or container.
-Remember to tare the scale after each ingredient. Tare means zero out the scale after you put in each ingredient so that you measure the correct amounts each time.
-Heat on medium low until all ingredients are thoroughly melted.
-Add Flavor Oil.
-Pour into lip balm containers.
-Allow to cool.
-Apply lids and labels.

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Rachel said...

What a cool idea, and I bet those would make great gifts! Any idea what the shelf life of homemade stuff is?

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