Monday, August 9, 2010

I Heart Faces - Surprise

We had bought a sprinkler because the pressure on our sprinkler line was lousy and our grass started to turn yellow. Well, we have never used a hose sprinkler before and my daughter was running through it. My son was trying to fill up his glass with the water and as the sprinkler was moving it caught him by surprise and this is the expression he gave. It was really cute to watch him run away.
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jody said...

hee.hee so genuine! my daughter and i love to play in the sprinklers outside our home. She's two and a half. It takes her awhile to muster the courage to actually run through the stream of water. although once she does she never wants to stop! those are some of my favorite summer moments!


Nicole said...

haha my entry is quite similar - i love the shots of the water catching them by surprise! What a great age :)

Tiffany Walensky said...

Oh how cute! This is one of those hilarious pictures everyone will love years from now!

Emma said...

Great capture! His expression is priceless :)

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