Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow Wow Wubbzy

So, my daughter gave me a picture that she drew and colored and I thought it was so cute. She told me it was Wow Wow Wubbzy. At least her take on it. Here is the cartoon.
Here is her drawing. She gave him a body.

So, I decided to make a plush out of her drawing. Here is how I did it:
I first scanned the picture. Then I enlarged it in Photoshop. (My copier didn't have a size function on it.)
Then I cut up the picture into six pieces. Head, arms, legs, and body.

I cut out all the parts. I embroidered the face on the head part. First I drew on the face with a fabric pencil. My embroider skills aren't the greatest but you get the gist of it.
Here is a look at the drawing and my embroidered head.
This was a pretty tricky doll because there were a lot of small parts. I sewed the arms and legs and stuffed the legs. The arms I scrunched them up using some yarn. I was able to sew on the legs normally and one arm. The other arm I had to sew to the body by hand. There was just not enough room in the body to do that and flip back out. I used the hidden stitch.
Then I sewed the head together and left a hole in the bottom where the body will go.
I stuffed the body and head and then hand stitched the same way. I do have to say that the doll turned out better than I thought. It will definitely not be a doll to play with. It's pretty flimsy because of the large head vs small skinny body.
It was pretty fun doing this for her. It would be cool to get a toy that you designed. Try it sometime if you dare. Maybe pick a picture that is easier to sew.
Good luck to those who try! I will probably do this again.
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