Monday, January 30, 2012

I Heart Faces: "Oh So Silly"

You know, there is nothing like a huge family having fun.  My family is loud, obnoxious, and crazy but we sure know how to have a blast.  It's always insane when we get together.

Oh, and the dogs tried to get in on the action but I cropped most of them out.  

Oh oh oh, and gotta love Grandma and her normalness.  Except for that sweater, which I have worn to an Ugly Sweater Party.  Sorry Grandma.

Also gotta love the onsie pj's my 16 year old sister is wearing.  Funny.

I dare you to make a caption for each person's face.  That's the best part.

Here is my contribution to I Heart Faces weekly challenge "Oh So Silly!"  We sure are.  Enjoy!

Check out the rest at:


Amy said...

I'd have to agree....."oh, so silly"!!

Jane of All Trades said...

Getting everyone to do the silly faces is oh so fun.

Jessica said...

Haha I love this picture and btw I love your blog! I know what I'm thinking, "I'm not sure if I should be in this picture...these people are kind of weird :/..." LOL

Tierra said...

Yeah whatever Jess. You know you fit in perfectly with us crazies! That's why we let you in;))

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