Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Menu Board

So, I have a really hard time figuring out what to make for dinner.  My husband has been the cook for over 8 years and now is wanting me to start making dinners.  It's kind of hard and I didn't think it would be.  Well, I have been trying to figure out what would help me make it easier and I think I have found it. 
At first I thought I would just make a framed week menu but I would've had to write in the recipes and I think I would forget to use it.  

This is the best idea.  I found some really good tutorials.

A Girl And A Glue Gun has a great tutorial.  She also has another post with pictures of finished ones.  Really cute!

Ucreate has a good tutorial too.  Based off of AGAAGG's tutorial with some helpful hints and some do's and dont's!

If you are looking for the clear calendar sheets they have a pack of 16 for $5 over at Oriental Trading Co.

Get some gals together and make your own. 


Susanne said...

This is a neat idea. I want to find a tutorial on how to create something that is good for dry erase markers. the idea of writing out all those recipes and clipping them and adding magnets is WAY TOO much for me. Besides, i just 'make up' a lot... even if I could jus tput a main IDEA on a day. Let's look for how to make a dry erase board.

Susanne said...

So, I just re-read your posting... maybe you can use dry erase markers on those clear sheets from oriental trading? SO WISH I LIVED CLOSE TO YOU so I could order a set and try out a project with ya!

Tierra said...

I actually went to JoAnn's today and found a frame with a calendar on it. There was glass and you can use a dry erase pen with it. But it didn't have the magnetic part on it or that would be really easy.

Susanne said...

cool! I'll have to head to JoAnn next time I'm near one. I really need to start planning our meals again. Plus, I could get a 2nd matching frame cuz we do a family planning/council each Sunday night... though we might switch to Mondays after FHE, and I take one meal request for the week, write down goals, etc.

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