Monday, March 7, 2011

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

I was up at my parent's house hanging out a couple weeks ago when I told my mom about this idea I had. I knew that she still had a bunch of dresses she used to wear decades ago and I wanted to do a photo shoot with my youngest sister in them, in an orchard. I was hoping to go for a vintage dreamlike setting. Mom said yes and my sister started to try on the dresses so I could see what I liked. We found about 5 dresses.

A week later I was on the road with my sister, Truly, and we were headed to some orchards near home. I was hoping the trees would be in bloom and some were but not to the extent that would work. So, we ended up at a friends house and we used their backyard. It's amazing back there. The dress we went with this time (we only had an hour before we had to get back) was a Gunne Sax dress my mom wore at her wedding reception in 1977. Gorgeous!

Anyways, that is how I got this picture. We had a ton of fun going to different parts of the backyard. (It's huge with a stream and boulders at the back.)
I am entering this picture in the I Heart Faces Favorite February Picture.
For more photos entered in the I Heart Faces Challenge click on the picture below.



JAQY said...

She looks beautiful!

hannah m said...

Beautiful shots! (but remember that your post can only have one photo in it to quality!;) )

Tierra said...

Thanks Hannah! I totally spaced on that part. I fixed it.

Life with Kaishon said...

I love the story. How beautiful. Your sister is stunning. I love the dress and the light! How pretty is that?

I am coming to be your fan on facebook right this second. I LOVE when people are creative with their photography names. That is awesome!

Melissa Williamson said...

Gorgeous! The light is perfect!

Wendhy Jeffers Photography said...

beautiful!! LOVE <3

Anonymous said...

I love the halo effect with the hair! Your sister is beautiful. Love the vintage dress!

Lowry Family said...

Thank You everyone! It was a lot of fun taking pictures and editing. I did a bunch of other pictures in different ways. I love Photoshop! It's also nice to have a beautiful sister to practice on!

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