Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Mock Set Up

OK, here is a mock set up for the Craft Boutique I am doing on Saturday. My mom is doing it with me but we are sharing a table. She came down on Monday to put together our stuff and figure out how we were going to have everything set out.

I didn't realize how much stuff I had made. Yikes. I'm not even done yet.
Here is what we made:
My mom made Towel Hair Wraps
Hot pads/Trivets (love these)
and Loomed Infant Hats.
I made Burp Clothes (in the very blurry back), Diaper Clutchs (in front of the burp cloths), Diaper Scrunchie (works like a clutch), Buttercup Purse, Felt Needle Books, (my mom made some Craft Fair Aprons behind the purses.)
I have a bunch of cards for all occasions in the box.
Fabric Hair Flowers
Crocheted Hats, Infant and Toddler Bracelets, Book Thongs (string bookmarks)
Infant and Toddler Ties. I have more in Christmas fabrics that I am almost done with. They turned out so cute.
Just to get some kind of sympathy (yeah right!) I took pictures of the frozen plants at our house. I live in California and this is so cold. It got below freezing. That's quite a feat! Here are some pictures that I suffered to get;-) My toes almost froze off. I'm just saying.


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Susanne said...

How'd it go? Your stuff looks awesome!

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