Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge

So here is my entry for the Faces and Flowers Challenge at I Heart Faces. (Yes this is the picture from the previous post.) We were at the park one day and the clover flowers were all over the place so I had to have a little photo shoot with my daughter.

Do you ever remember making head wreaths out of them? I do them for her now. It makes me think of those carefree days as a child when all we had to worry about was a stubbed toe and cooties.

Do you like the sparkly jelly shoes she has on? She wears them all the time. All hail the 80's!
Here is what I made this time.

This is just for laughs. I put this flower in my daughter's hair and she proceeded to just add more to "pretty" herself up. You like how the right side (her left) looks nice and in place while the left side (her right) has some issues?
By-the-way, this picture was taken with my point and shoot.
For more awesome photos of Faces and Flowers go to I Heart Faces. Click on the icon below!!!


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