Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beaded Watches

When I was on vacation the girls of the family had a craft hour. That's all we could find with kids running around. We ordered the watch faces at and went to Michael's to find the beads that we wanted to use for the band. We all went with a turquoise theme and they all turned out really cute.

This watch is what we called the turquoise M&M's. We used elastic on this watch.
Here are the other three. Mine is at the top. I have two shirts with those colors so I thought I would mingle the two colors together. I think they look good together. I used wire on my watch. I wanted to have the option of taking off the band and putting another on.

We also made a couple necklaces and a ring out of the remnants. I'll see what picture of the ring I can put up. It's so simple. I just used some stretchy cord and one of the big round crackly beads. It's kind of cute.

Click on the pictures to see them bigger.
The watch face website had really good prices for their watches. I think the faces we got ranged from $3.95-$5.95. Not a bad deal.

So cute.

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