Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stamps and Stickers

Alright here are some of the stamps sets I am getting rid of. I will list the prices above them. Let me know if you are interested. Email or call me.

This is for the ladies I know. You get first dibs before I put them on Etsy.
I forgot some of the titles so forgive me.

Any questions please call me, email me (pebandpop at yahoo dot com) or leave a comment. Thanks.

It shows black on it. Black usually stains the rubber from day one. It doesn't take away from the stamp.
This was a Hostess gift at one time. I think two of them have been used maybe once. So basically it's brand new.
This is a very cute set. Once again, there isn't a lot of use out of this one either.
It looks like once stamp was used. The rest are brand new.
Brand new. Never used.
An old Hostess set as well. Not use. At least that's what it looks like.
These have been used a couple of times but still in great shape.
An old Hostess gift. Used a couple times.
$1.00 Winter chip board letter.
It's got glitter on them.
$2.00 A cute Valentines/Love tag.


$2.50 Just a cute set of Prom/anything else set of stickers.


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